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Solopreneur Shift Digital Learning Experience

Ready to carve yourown path?

July 30th - August 27th

Join this inaugural intensive 4-week experiment of 8-10 people to work together with others, do hands-on projects and transform the way you think about your work and life to give you the courage to carve your own path.

Re-Frame Your Thinking

Un-learn to re-learn as the future of work brings enormous opportunity

Co-Create Your Future With Others Reimagining The Future

Build community while transforming the way you think about work and your life
(Limited to 10 Participants)

Experiment & Take Action

Activities and assignments designed for you to take action and develop habits towards designing a new life.


#1 Checking Your Career Baggage
#2 Defining & Resetting Fears
#3 Managing Your Identity & Relationships
#4 Values Alignment
#5 Motivation & Energy
#6 Self-Employment Basics
#7 What Does A "Good Life" Cost?
#8 Your Story & "Fishing Lines"
#9 Challenges & Mindsets
#10 Life Design
#11 Scoping Projects, Positioning & Pricing
#12 Curiosity, Creativity & Finding Opportunities
#13 Action, Micro-Experimenting & Getting Paid To Learn
#14 Social Capital, Digital Friendships & Collaboration

Facilitator: Hey, I'm Paul...

For the past fifteen years, I've has been obsessed with the question of how to live a sane life. I've helped countless people navigate big leaps in their lives.  I bring an ability to make the complex simple to serve my mission of helping people do what matters to them.

This course is an experiment to push that mission to the next level and to build strong communities of people who want to build mission-driven lives beyond our broken idea of work where we show up to work over and over again and slowly lose what makes us special...

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The Transformation

At the end of this digital learning experience you will be:

  • More confident about taking the leap to become a freelancer or self-employed
  • Develop the skills to take action, experiment and create opportunities for yourself
  • Have built connections with other like-hearted people trying to carve their own paths in the world


This course is NOT for you if:
  • You're a natural skeptic and not open to new ideas
  • You do not enjoy working and collaborating with other people
  • You can only participate in things if they are perfect
  • You rather argue about who is right or wrong than dancing with new ideas
  • You are a fan of "crushing it" or think work is the most important thing in life

Technology Requirements

The class will be conducted using Zoom video conferencing and also through slack, where assignments will be completed and submitted. You will need a stable internet connection and a webcam.

Dates: Wednesday, July 30th - August 27th

Final schedule to be determined:

  • Video mastermind sessions, Monday & Thursday @ 6pm EST (with some flexibility for the group)
  • Weekday action assignments (Tu-Th)
  • Weekend reflection (Fri-Sun)
  • Ongoing slack discussion, support & feedback
  • Weekly or as needed: One-on-one calls with Paul


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