The Pathless Path

Imagining a new story for work and life

The Pathless Path is an exploration of the invisible scripts that constrain our lives. It is not a how-to book filled with “hacks”; instead, it is a vulnerable and personal account of Paul’s journey from leaving a path centered around getting ahead and towards another, one focused on doing work that matters. It is the ideal companion for anyone contemplating an unconventional path or aiming to improve their relationship with work.

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Book Trailer (Because, why not?)

Some things people have said about the book!

What I really liked about this book is that it is the opposite of what I anticipated: it has zero hacks or to-do lists. Paradoxically, it has a more methodical, applied method toward reinventing yourself and your career than I have read about anywhere else.

- A review from Charlie Becker

Embarrassingly, I'll admit I was blown away from the book quality. Not because you hadn't done a great job in your previous writings, but I guess I was thinking a self-published book would somehow be lesser
- A reader to me, in an email

Two Parts

Read the introduction here or listen to the first part for a preview of the book!

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Part 1: The Default Path

Exploring the history of work through my own aggressive pursuit of a prestigious and impressive career

1. Introduction: An exploration of the default path of success, what the pathless path really is about, and why it matters

2. Getting Ahead: My journey of learning how to become a "hoop-jumper," breaking into strategy consulting, going to business school, and then how dealing with the loss of my health and someone important changes what I value

3. Work, Work, Work: An exploration into the history of work and trying to make sense of our current relationship to work around the world and some of the fundamental flaws

4. Awakening: The start of a slow but steady drift towards a breaking point while I discover an inner creative and experimental energy that needs to be expressed

5. Breaking Free: Quitting my job and taking the dealing with the loss of an important identity

6. The First Steps: Learning how to prototype a life shift, opening up to possibility and wonder, finding the others, taming my fears and deepest insecurities

Part 2: The Pathless Path

Embracing a different kind of journey, one focused on coming alive, embracing uncertainty, experimenting, and being open to possibility

7. Wisdom of The Pathless Path: Embracing non-doing, falling in love, taking extended breaks, leaning into leisure, re-thinking retirement and money, and learning to trust the world

8. Redefine Success: How to shift away from the default modes of success and towards your own definition, designed around building your own tribe, defining enough and shifting beyond scarcity mindset

9. The Real Work of Your Life: Engaging in the real work of your life: finding the things you want to keep doing.  In addition, unleashing your inner creative spirit, figuring out how to be useful and injecting hope into the journey

10. Playing The Long Game: How to sustain the journey by working backward from who you don't want to be, learning to reinvent yourself, embracing abundance, creating your own culture, and developing your own principles

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About Paul

Paul is a self-described "curious human" who spent more than fifteen years trying to play a game that he wasn't designed to win. Walking away from the "default path" of success, including a good paycheck, impressive credentials, and unlimited career options, he starts from scratch, creating space in his life.  Over a number of years, he discovers a different way of thinking about the role of work in our lives, which he calls The Pathless Path.  This path doesn't make him rich with money but does make him wildly rich in time, connections, and meaning.