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What People Are Saying

Boundless by Paul Millerd - Weekly newsletter contemplating the emerging future of work | Product Hunt

Paul is honestly doing this work in a very honest fashion which makes him a really helpful personal resource to all the individuals who are silently, diligently working at creating a life that is more valuable on both a personal and planetary level.

Business Owner

Paul’s insight into the evolution of “gig Guy” business and strategy constantly helps me elevate my own thinking.

Also a "Gig Guy"

Paul’s newsletters are the rare gems. His writing is deep and substantive, packed with pithy but genuine personal l and contemporary insights. I come away having learnt something about the world, and myself; and an invigorated vigor about work and personal growth.

Head of Programmes

Paul’s take on the future of work (and life) is refreshing, authentic, and is what many of us have been feeling but too afraid to acknowledge. Paul is authentically leading readers with the story and reflections of his own life, which can then be interpreted and put to work in each of our own lives if we choose.

Director of Global Corporate Responsibility in the fashion industry

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