Want to work with Paul on Boundless?

I don't have any "jobs" available

Unfortunately, I'm not at the scale to provide a regular income to anyone. However, if you've read any of my writing and made it here, you are probably not looking for a normal job anyway. Here is a list of working ideas or projects I'd love to collaborate on:

  • Helping find good podcast guests
  • Developing another site around strategy consulting skills and courses
  • Developing an online course on strategy consulting skills
  • Developing an online course around my Solopreneur Shift curriculum
  • Taking the tools to the next level
  • Dreaming up bigger possibilities for Solopreneur Shift (including in-person options)
  • Writing essays, reports, articles about hidden spaces in the "future of work" conversation
  • Writing scripts for short videos based on my writing and creative videos for social media
  • Your idea that is much more creative than any of these

What I'm looking for

I've realized that working with another person is something that energizes me and helps me push myself creatively. I work well with people who:

  • See opportunity and possibility instead of "why not"
  • Value action and iteration over perfectionism
  • Value learning and connection over credentials
Ideal profile would be someone that is a combo of self-starter + deep researcher/reader + comfort with experimenting with different mediums (writing, graphic design, video) + passionate about helping people unlock their creative potential.

What I can offer

I am happy to provide payment for any work as well as discuss options to share in the upside of anything we co-create. I'm also happy to offer my own coaching, support, and guidance in your own work or projects and any connections I can.

Interested? E-Mail Paul