In 2014, I had a conversation with a career coach that shook me to the core.¬† I was sharing my passion for helping people navigate their careers and telling her that one day I would become a career coach.¬† Saying “one day” was a mistake.¬† She hit me with “you are already a career coach, what are you waiting for.”

It took me about a year to publicly announce to people that I was taking the leap.  I did it in a short e-mail to 100 friends and family that helped me land my first two clients.  Here is the e-mail


I‚Äôve always been borderline obsessed with trying to figure out how to¬†learn, develop valuable¬†skills, and¬†market myself¬†in my own career.¬† At the same time, I’ve always been equally as motivated to help others achieve success.¬† From aggressively pushing my college roommate to apply to a job at GE (which he got!) to help my mother write “the best cover letter we have seen,”¬†I loved seeing others¬†accomplish their goals.

I started small, helping people find jobs, enhance their resumes and cover letters and prepare for interviews.¬† As I got better and¬†I started to achieve success in my own career, more people started reaching out to me.¬† I noticed pretty quickly that I was pretty damn good at seeing other people’s potential (even more clearly than my own), helping them identify what they were good at and helping them accelerate towards their goals.

I gained a lot of confidence as my¬†“clients” delivered¬†on some big goals.¬† From a UConn senior that beat the odds to turn a goal of breaking into strategy consulting into a successful reality to another gaining acceptance into a top 5 business school and even another making the transition from 5th grade math teacher to healthcare research analyst at the #1 global strategy firm, I was finding myself more inspired and excited than the¬†people I was helping. ¬† It¬†became crystal clear that this was something I wanted to pursue on a more serious level.

So here I am.¬† I’m going to pursue thison the side(no I’m not leaving my job :-] ) and I wanted to share it with you first.¬† Do I know where this will take me? No, but I’m excited to find out.

There are three things I want to ask you:

1. Check out my site and let me know what you think: (RIP)
2. Let me send you updates on my thoughts: Click Here
3. The next inspiring person you meet that wants to accomplish great things – tell them they need to connect with your friend Paul

Thanks for your support and inspiration over the years, I’m really excited about this.

Eventually, I DID leave my job and pursued this on a more permanent basis, but I had no idea where I was headed at the time.  Do you have the courage to start?

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