My mission is simple

I want to help as many people as possible navigate and make sense of the future of work to do things that matter

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#1 My Story

My fascination with the "future of work" started years ago and led to an "awakening" that helped me carve my own path to do the work that energizes and motivates me.

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#2 The Manifesto: Crisis At Work 

Read my manifesto on why modern organizations and how we think about work is driving you crazy

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#3 Discover Stories From The People Carving Their Own Paths

The Boundless Podcast explores the stories and lessons from the people carving their own paths in the future of work


#4 Assess Your Future Of Work Mindset

Are you ready for the future of work? Learn about the nine factors that will set you up for success in the rapidly changing world and take the assessment to see where you stand

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#5 Connect With Paul

I love connecting with people and hearing their stories. Set up a call with Paul to share your story, explore ways to collaborate or share ideas for what he should create to help the community

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