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Tony grew up around entrepreneurs but did not use the label at the time. At age 19, he was going to college in Maryland and felt the pull to something bigger.  He decided to move to New York City with $300 to his name and started modeling to pay the bills.  He got a lot of pushback from the people in his life about the move but knew he had to take the leap.  Despite many setbacks and almost running out of many several times, he kept his head down and stayed in the city, saying to himself “you cannot leave.”

His path only makes sense looking backward.  He has had a wide range of jobs and gigs over the last ten years in New York and is now starting to see all the pieces come together into something that makes sense with who he is and what he has to offer to the world. We talk a lot about how he thinks about building relationships and connections and how some surprising relationships have come back around (including a job he was fired from!) to help him in his current entrepreneurial adventures.

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Full Bio: Is a contributing Life & Style Editor, Brand Entrepreneur, and the Founder & Editor of The Triumphant Scoop website. As a Creative Entrepreneur and international Brand Ambassador, he is the CEO & Founder of The Triumphant Group, having successful collaborations with top brands: Barney’s New York, PUMA, Macy’s Inc., Lord & Taylor, Pirelli, Sunglass Hut, and SONY among many others.

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