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I create the Reimagine Work podcast, the Boundless Newsletter and Boundless Reads Newsletter without the support of sponsors. I’ve decided to avoid going down the sponsor route as it inevitably can be that quiet voice in your head telling you what to not say. If you’d like to offer a one time or recurring donation. please find the options below:

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I tried Mailchimp and a few others before landing on ConvertKit for e-mail automation. The UX is intuitive and easy to manage. I really like it a lot though I'm probably not even maximizing its potential. If you sign up using this link I'll get 30% of your monthly fee forever (which is kind of crazy!).


I also use Podia for my Reinvent Course. I like both Teachable and Podia but Podia is probably better if you are just getting started and don't want to get lost in customizing the pages. Their referral deal is super generous for me 30% of your monthly fees forever, so I'll be a huge supporter of your course ;-)

Pro Tip: Click my link and then sign up for a free trial. Then they'll offer you a 15% lifetime discount in the first two weeks.


I also use Teachable for my Think Like A Strategy Consultant course. It works quite well as well, though Podia is a little more slick for more recent design and using a simple editor. If you click here you'll get 14-days free and I'll get a 30% cut of your monthly fee - same deal as Podia!

Charles Schwab No International ATM Fee Checking

This card is a must have if you plan on living or traveling abroad. Easy to withdraw money and not worry about fees anywhere in the world. This link will give me $100 if you deposit $1,000 within 45 days.


I use Wealthfront for my SEP IRA which is like a 401k for self-employed creators. If you use this link you'll get $15,000 managed for free and I'll get an additional $5,000

Quickbooks Self-Employed

I do all my own finances, accounting and axes using Quickbooks which makes things quite simple. If you use this link you'll get 50% off and I'll get $30.

Travel Insurance - SafetyWing

I use this when traveling or living long-term outside of the US. Click here for discounts.

Buy Things On Amazon

At no cost to you you can divert a small percentage of Amazon's growing wealth to me by clicking this link and then buying anything in the next 24 hours. Bezos has enough money, right?

You can also buy any recommended book over here.

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