Course x Group Coaching x Experiment


On March 24th, I'm kicking off a six-week experiment with a small group of creative rebels who want to reimagine their relationship with work. We will have weekly group video sessions, tons of content and exercises which I have already created, a private discussion group, new content I will create on-demand and other surprises.

I'm offering to be part of the cohort for $649 for two-months or on a pay-what-feels-right gift basis.

* Course will be delivered via a digital learning platform, Teachable, where you will have weekly activities, a weekly team conversation and discussion via slack *

Calls are tentatively planned for Sunday night 8pm EST

The Default Path Is NOT For You...

  • Thinking about taking time off for a sabbatical?
  • Doubling down on a side hustle?
  • Want to reclaim your life from work?
  • Want to transition your current full-time job to remote?
  • Exploring becoming self-employed?

Then this course might be for you. I am looking for the people that already realize that the default path is not for them.

Do you like:

  • Reading deeply about topics?
  • Actionable ideas from business, psychology, philosophy, mindfulness and academia?
  • Cutting through the BS and conventional wisdom of "success"?
  • Exposing yourself to different ideas and models for living?
  • Doing hands-on exercises and then sharing vulnerably with a group?

We Will Co-Create The Path Of This Course Together

This course, workshop, coaching circle - whatever you want to call it is not pre-built. It is emerging for me based on the demands of a number of people who keep reaching out to solve a fundamental disconnect they have - their relationship with work is not working.

Last summer I led a course of 10 people called Solopreneur Shift and successful ran a month-long accelerator program around the idea of "one big shift" - this course will likely be structured similarly, but run over two months. The first few weeks will be more structures and focus on topics such as:

  • Defining your "big shift" - what are you shifting towards?
  • What matters?  Values and yearnings
  • Core identity - who are you and how do you define success?
  • What are the expectations you are tied to?
  • What are the different models for living & working?

Following from that, we will see where the course takes us.  Topics will likely include:

  • Taking action / public experiments
  • Telling your story
  • Making money as a freelancer
  • Shifting your role at work
  • Grappling with money and needing to "make a living"
  • Strategies for lowering expenses
  • Energy & motivation
  • Plus whatever we come up with!

Live Zoom Video Sessions

Connect with other people and share your challenges and learn from each other. Paul will facilitate each session and customize it based on the needs of the group

Private Slack Group

We will have a private slack group where we can share reflections and activities

Here is what others have said from my last experiment:

"It was great working with Paul - his perspective towards work and life is refreshing and challenged me to rethink my own career. I'd recommend that anyone work with Paul if they're willing to have hard conversations, engage in honest reflection, and really make a change."

"I've never done anything like this course before and I found it very rewarding. The group provided accountability for me and I found myself excited to share my progress each week."

"I am very grateful for the course. The biggest "take-aways" are a reinforced perspective on the value of the alternative work environment that supports creativity, collaboration, and impact; an importance of asking questions and testing them out in life (rather than theorizing); and pursuing personal passions. I highly recommend the course - it will challenge, inspire, and transform whatever it is you are doing."

Ready To Join?

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