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Mike was always a self-driven creator, developing TI-83 apps for his classmates to keep track of their grades from an early age. He spent a lot of time “head in in the clouds, making things.” It is no surprise then, that he eventually found that self-employment was the right fit after several years of trying to make it work in the corporate world.

Mike and I dive into his path in which he slowly made sense of the fact that it was time to take the leap to self-employment. As he was about to take the leap, his company ended up laying him off anyway. Reflecting back, he has found many valuable lessons in his journey and has brought these together in a self-published a workbook called Clear Path Forward. The workbook helps people re-assess their relationship with work. We talk about the process he took to publish the book and where he sees his work taking him over the next couple of years.

He now lives and works around the tagline “making business more human” which he is using to run workshops with clients and have deep conversations with people around what really matters.

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Just published! The Pathless Path is Paul's book about walking away from a "perfect" job with a promising future and starting over again. Through painstaking experiments, living in different countries, and a deep dive into the history of our work beliefs, Paul pieces together a set of ideas and principles that guide him from unfulfilled and burned out to what he calls "the pathless path" - a new story for thinking about work in our lives. Learn More & Buy The Book Here

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