Kris Abdelmessih has one of the most unique perspectives on life and works I’ve stumbled across in the past few years. He uses his experience as a trader to look at decision-making and work investments through the lens of options, pricing, and other financial models.  I enjoy his perspective – unlike other financial types, he seems to have a proper appreciation of non-work / non-productive time.

We explore his recent break from trading, his creative journey writing on the internet, and finding his people, and he challenges me to think differently about how I’m spending my time with my work.

The conversation dramatically shifted how I’m thinking about the possibilities of my path.  If you are on a self-employed path, this is a must-listen:

Topics explored in this episode

  • Financial insecurity and its relationship to the creative path
  • Using creative pursuits online to make friends and make your life better
  • How to think about the options in an emerging space like the creator ecosystem
  • The challenges with using an “options mindset” to make career decisions
  • His experience spending time and teaching kids
  • Brainstorming options for his next adventures with work

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