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Work with former McKinsey & BCG strategy consultant and current future of work researcher Paul Millerd

Is your company ready for the future of work remote work?

Most companies understand there are massive shifts happening in the modern workforce. Technology, emerging skills, new models of learning, new ways of working and increasing numbers of skilled freelancers like myself are re-shaping what we mean by "work." I've been working remotely as a freelancer, researcher and sense-maker helping companies navigate the future of work and cutting through the nonsense. Some recurring questions clients ask:

  • How should we think about remote work? Do we just use slack? What are the right tools to use?
  • How do we make sense of all this information telling us what to do at work? Are there really best practices? If so, what are they?
  • Should we use freelancers? How should we engage with them?
  • How should we think about hiring? Should we just keep hiring from the best schools and hope they fit our business needs?
  • What technology platforms should we be using?

Most consulting, even with freelancers, is inaccessible to the average manager. As a remote worker, I've prototyped an on-demand "micro consulting approach that resonates with many tech-savvy leaders.

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Writing On The Future of Work

Professional Writing
  • For Holloway: The Ultimate Guide To Remote Work (coming soon)
  • For Catalant: Reimagining Work 2020: How Winning Executives Are Building an Agile Workforce How Winning Executives Are Building an Agile Workforce (link)

Don't Assume Remote Work "just works"

Companies have been experimenting with ways to reimagine work for 10+ years and have found that you often need different strategies, expectations, culture and mindsets in remote work.

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