Every month I detail my financials. For a month-by-month view, you can see the full spreadsheet here. Here is my self-employed life financial statement for December 2018:

Income: $894

I did a little consulting work for a former client and made another sale of my strategy consulting course, which I didn’t put a ton of effort into. I spent three weeks in Thailand with my partner and didn’t really work that muc.

  • Consulting Fees: $667
  • Gifts: $50
  • Coaching Gifts: $0
  • Teaching: $0
  • Patreon: $43
  • Courses: $153
  • Digital Products: $5
  • Affiliate/Medium Writing: $27

Personal Cost Of Living: $2,036

I was traveling in Thailand for three weeks before spending Christmas week at home for the holidays. I ended up spending about $21 a night in Thailand, which would have been slightly lower, but ended up staying in this beautiful floating house for three nights for about $60 a night

  • Room & Board: $446
  • Food, Shopping, Misc.: $1,254
  • Health Insurance: $99
  • Travel, Trips & Transport: $237

Business Expenses: $228

  • Coworking: $0
  • Calendly: $8
  • Podcast Costs: $12
  • Quickbooks: $19
  • Teachable: $33
  • Video (Zoom): $16
  • Website Costs: $15
  • Cell Phone Costs: $60 (US So expensive!)
  • Digital Ads: $83 (mostly failed with limited learning)
  • Annual LLC Fees (Monthly Cost): $42

Self-Employment Taxes: $137*

*I pay these quarterly, but the rate is 15.3% of income

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