I've been having "Curiosity Conversations" since 2017

Inspired by Brian Grazer's A Curious Mind, I realized that carving my own path is a lot more fun if I can meet others along the way, so I decided to go against the default productivity bro advice to automate and eliminate anything that doesn't make you money.

I've put a pause on 1-on-1 calls until July but am experimenting with LIVE group calls, which you can submit questions for, join "on-air," watch synchronously or watch later on YouTube

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  • I love connecting with:

    College students, people with have secret creative projects, people who want to be better leaders at work, avid readers, freelance consultants, digital nomads, free spirits, future corporate escapees, and people who love to have meaningful conversations

    Don't be afraid to reach out!

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My reflections on 150+ conversations over the last couple of years