Let's Connect!

I love connecting with other people, finding unexpected ways I can be helpful or just hearing people's stories. Inspired by Brian Grazer's book A Curious Mind and his concept of having no expectation "Curiosity Conversations," I hope to connect with you to just meet another great person.


Jeffersonian Dinners in Boston

I host 8-14 person dinners in Boston based on the Jeffersonian dinner concept, which has a few simple rules:

  1. There is one conversation at a time in which one person talks to the whole table
  2. The goal is to have deeper and more meaningful conersations
  3. There is a moderator that guides the discussion with a series of questions that make people think
  4. Instead of shifting to who is the loudest voice in the room, you take time to listen and digest what people are saying and move the conversation around the room in order of seating