How I think about consulting

After getting rejected from every consulting firm in the country, I landed my dream job at McKinsey & Company. Over the next nine years working in the consulting industry, I came to the slow realization that what started as a journey to prove myself ended with me in a industry where I loved the work. I believe that when consulting is at its best, it is:

​1. Bringing together different mental models from an obsession with learning

The consultant's job is to look at problems from different perspectives. Given this, the consultant's number one responsibility is to continuously learn. It is also to approach every issue as unique and avoiding the trap of believing you are a hammer and every problem is a nail.

​2. Getting to a shared truth through problem solving and iteration with a "yes, and..." mindset

The consultant's job is to get people to agree on a shared truth. This means combining a structured problem solving approach with continuous iteration. In most companies I encounter, a team may only make 2-3 rounds of corrections, where the focus is more on avoiding mistakes.  The consulting approach is built on taking an improv mindset of "yes,and..." and building on each other's ideas with the goal not of getting something done, but doing great work.

3. ​Storytelling to inspire action

The consultant's job is to inspire action.  Truth is relatively easy to find, but getting people to act on that information or behave in new ways is hard. I'd be lying if I said I had a magic bullet for this problem, but I believe that rooting everything in stories is the best way to inspire and motivate.

How I Work With Teams

As a freelance consultant, I am flexible in terms of my relationship with the client.  Thinking past the full-time mindset of having a body in a chair, I am focused on finding the appropriate structure that lets me add value to your business.


Strategy Project Execution

  • Independent strategy consulting
  • Strategic plan development
  • Project management & execution

Talent Strategy

  • Talent strategy & transformation
  • Culture assessment
  • Mission & values development
  • Talent assessment, succession planning & performance management

Coaching & Facilitation

  • In-person workshops
  • Training & facilitation
  • Executive coaching

Consulting Thoughts