I want to help you reimagine your relationship with work

The stories we use to integrate work into our lives are broken.  I want to help you find a new way forward.

Here are a five things I believe:

#1 Most people don't actually want to "escape" work. Instead, they are dissatisfied with their ability to feel useful and work on things that matter to them

#2 The default path has been wildly successful in creating jobs and paths for people to reach unprecedented economic success, but we still are overly anchored to a romanticized and outdated 1950s version of this script

#3 Steady paychecks are incredible. However, they are also incredibly good at enabling us to avoid ever directly dealing with our insecurities relating to money, belonging, success, and mortality.

#4 The belief that jobs can provide "meaningful work" has increased our expectations of what work can provide us that companies have not been able to follow through on

#5 Quitting your job and becoming self-employed is not the best strategy for most people.  However, taking a temporary break or sabbatical might offer much more wisdom and insight into your life than you expect.

The first step is a curiosity conversation

I have a standing open invitation to any curious human to book an agenda-free curiosity conversation with me, where we can both learn a bit more about each other.

If you decide you'd like to explore further with me, we talk about the next steps. I only offer one coaching package right now but am experimenting with adding a group coaching option

My approach

I am not a productivity coach: If you are looking for a coach to help you achieve short-term goals or achieve a business breakthrough, I can refer some better options for you.

My Approach: My style is flexible, conversational, challenging, and inquisitive. I am much more interested in getting to know your drivers, understanding your motivation, and helping you define your values and models of success.

You will like working with me if you appreciate someone who is business savvy, a fast-paced thinker, calm and patient, curious, flexible, creative in developing customized reflections & questions, and also direct and challenging. 

I only work with two clients at a time in a standard model

I am transparent with my pricing so that people can understand the costs and commitment upfront. While curiosity conversations are open to anyone, ongoing coaching is by application only.

I do offer gift economy options for people that want more flexibility

I offer customized in-person half-day coaching sessions upon request. Please email me directly

Standard Two-Month Coaching Package

$2,000/month Per Month, USD
  • Eight 60-90 min calls over 8 weeks
  • Customized weekly reflection questions & exercises
  • Free copy of The Pathless Path (launching November or December '21)
  • Bonus: Full access to my self-paced Reinvent course ($399 value)
Free Initial Exploratory Conversation

Ideal Clients

I specialize in working with the following people

Mid to senior-level executives who have solved their "money" problems but don't feel that inspired by their work and sense that they have more to offer
Mid-Career professionals who have worked at least 5-7 years in a specific industry and want to explore a new career path, freelancing, or self-employment
People who are planning to take extended breaks, whether they be formal sabbaticals, unpaid leave, or are taking a pause in employment in between jobs
Senior executives in the latter stages of their career who don't want to follow the traditional R&R script of retirement or are thinking about engaging in new domains and areas

Hear from others...

I thought I had signed up for 6 weeks of “career coaching” and ended up with that and so much more. Paul helped me discover what my strengths, drives, and passions are, and challenged me to think outside of the box. He is incredibly thoughtful and provided all sorts of great suggestions that were well-informed by his experience as a consultant and extensive study of talent and organizations. Paul is genuinely driven by helping others thrive above all else. What differentiates him is that he is uniquely honest, curious, and open-minded. Paul’s perspective is always a valuable one in my opinion!

Tamara H.
Business World (For Now)

It was great working with Paul – his perspective towards work and life is refreshing and challenged me to rethink my own career. I’d recommend that anyone work with Paul if they’re willing to have hard conversations, engage in honest reflection, and really make a change.

John B
Retired CEO, Carving A New Path

Paul’s honesty and experience make him a great guy to have in your corner. He’s a no-bullshit cheerleader. Paul helped me as I was moving from teaching into the business world. His advice didn’t just help me land “a job.” It gave me skills that will last me throughout my career. Since working with him, I’ve been in two positions that could not have been more perfect for me. Currently, I’m doing the work and learning the skills I’d hoped for. I work from home and choose my own hours, which allows me to be home with my 8-month-old.

Meghan P.
Freelance Marketing Pro