• I work with curious, driven, and generous people who crave something deeper than a life centered around a job.

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You are someone who:

#1 Questions the status quo and thinks about carving a different path

#2 Is hungry to learn and be exposed to different ideas, models and ways of living and working

#3 Is comfortable with not "figuring it out" in 30 minutes and is open to dancing with uncertainty and ambiguity

#4 Is willing to follow through on customized self-reflection and exercises

#5 Is willing to be open to and have tough or difficult conversations

How I work with people

First, we typically start with a curiosity conversation, where we can both learn a bit more about each other.

Next, we talk about what a coaching engagement might look like. I don't have a set model nor standard approach. The timing may vary, but I typically work with people over a period of three months on a retainer basis (minimum monthly fee, plus gift option).

My Approach:I am not a productivity coach.  My style is flexible, conversational and inquisitive.  I am much more interested in getting to know your drivers, understanding your motivation and helping you define your values and models of success.  

If you are looking for a coach to help you achieve a short-term goal and then move on, I am likely not a great fit.  I tend to develop a relationship with most of the people I coach and have ongoing conversations with them for years.

Don't worry though, we'll still achieve things together, it's just that I don't believe in the "hustle" mindset of working until you drop.  Let's take our time.  If some of the reflections take two or three weeks instead of one, let's slow it down.  If you are not in the right space to ponder the deeper questions of work and life, let's take a break from coaching.

Hear from others...

  • “I thought I had signed up for 6 weeks of “career coaching” and ended up with that and so much more. Paul helped me discover what my strengths, drives, and passions are, and challenged me to think outside of the box. He is incredibly thoughtful and provided all sorts of great suggestions that were well-informed by his experience as a consultant and extensive study of talent and organizations. Paul is genuinely driven by helping others thrive above all else. What differentiates him is that he is uniquely honest, curious, and open-minded. Paul’s perspective is always a valuable one in my opinion!”
    Tamara H.
    Business World (For Now)
  • “It was great working with Paul - his perspective towards work and life is refreshing and challenged me to rethink my own career. I'd recommend that anyone work with Paul if they're willing to have hard conversations, engage in honest reflection, and really make a change.”
    John B
    Retired CEO, Carving A New Path
  • “Paul's honesty and experience make him a great guy to have in your corner. He's a no-bullshit cheerleader. Paul helped me as I was moving from teaching into the business world. His advice didn't just help me land "a job." It gave me skills that will last me throughout my career. Since working with him, I've been in two positions that could not have been more perfect for me. Currently, I'm doing the work and learning the skills I'd hoped for. I work from home and choose my own hours, which allows me to be home with my 8-month-old.”
    Meghan P.
    Freelance Marketing Pro
  • “Paul helped out tremendously in helping me figure out what to focus on while building up a new business with family. His program not only provided guidance professionally but also as importantly helped me define personally what factors were crucial to having a sustainable and balanced life to match my career goals. I was impressed with Paul's ability to quickly understand strengths and weaknesses and give insights into how to function more efficiently. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul for anyone looking for more clarity or focus in their careers or life.”
    Robby H.
    CEO, Family Office

Carving New Paths - My Story

The most common question I get: "Paul, you have all these credentials and experiences at top consulting firms. There's no way I can follow your path right?"

Did the corporate world give me the courage and credentials to be able to make money on my own? Sure. People tell me all the time that I can do what I am doing because I have a top-tier MBA and worked at amazing companies like McKinsey & Company. I am incredibly privileged and lucky to have had these experiences. However, it just makes me want to work that much harder helping other people - the underdogs, the rebels and the nonconformists.

The only thing that matters to me about those experiences is the fact that my parents - neither of which went to college - can now tell their friends, "My son graduated from MIT." That pretty dope and makes it all worth it.

If my goal was to continue to make as much money as possible and build a life around people in the corporate world, those credentials would matter. However, the biggest challenges have been unlearning and questioning my model of the world. You should go to work every day. To take a break is to be lazy. You should always try to make more and more money. Successful people get promoted.

Over the past few years, I've experimented on my own life as a way to learn as well as re-imagine my own future

Over the past few years, I've re-imagined my life and have been surprised at what I've found on the other side.  I've cut my cost of living by over 50%, I embraced minimalism while gifting away most of my possessions, I've dramatically cut back on paid work (and my income), while spending more time reading, writing and having curiosity conversations with strangers.

I wouldn't change a thing.

Right now, I'm living as a digital nomad in Asia and experimenting with new models of working and living.  Freelance consulting has mostly been how I make money, but I've also dabbled with online courses, being generous within the confines of the gift economy, launching digital online courses and building this coaching business.  All of these new models have forced me to start from scratch, reawaken my creative muscles from my childhood and learn how to approach life with curiosity again.

I don't you to follow my path, but I want to help you re-imagine what might be...

Let's get started?

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