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“I allowed myself to dream, if money were no object and you could just do anything without worrying about logistics…I would regain that independence that I once had as a 16 year old going to Costa Rica, totally fearless…I would regain that independence of travel.”

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Candace was first inspired by her mother who always looked for solutions to problems rather than admitting defeat so always had an entrepreneurial spirit.  She had also been practicing yoga for several years (also with her mother) before deciding to invest more time and signing up for a Yoga workshop in Thailand while recovering from a challenging case of Lyme disease.  This leap of faith led to her thinking about yoga more seriously and starting to experiment with different projects such as a DVD and online videos.  Over the past few years, this has taken off and YogaByCandace has evolved into a community, a company with a team and has enabled her to teach workshops all over the world (including to 1,000+ people in the middle east), write a book called Namaslay and have a chance to personally impact many people.  Check out this episode to hear lessons learned, challenges and her perspective on gratitude, setting intentions and generosity.

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