Meet Paul Millerd

If you want the traditional resume and career path, you can head over to LinkedIn - its all there. I've been lucky enough to work with some amazing people and companies, but I want to share a bit more about what drives me and why I'm here...

In all my work, I am driven by:

  • curiosity and passion for learning
  • the ability to create and push good ideas forward
  • a drive to connect and bring people together

Principles & Values

In all my work, I strive to honor the following five principles

#1 Invest in relationships first and look to add value to other people

#2 Be human - do whats right, not always what makes sense on a spreadsheet​

#3 Stay humble, continue to learn and be willing to admit mistakes​

#4 Be willing to think different and challenge conventional wisdom or practice

#5 Embrace the Charlie Chaplin quote: “a day without laughter is a day wasted”

Operating Within The "Gift Economy"

Starting in 2018, I am experimenting with operating within the confines of a"gift economy"where I focus my time, skills and passions on helping people navigate and make sense of the future of work. If you value my work or time I spend with you, you are welcome to contribute to my efforts in money or whatever type of support you can offer!

I believe it will help me create a deeper level of engagement with my clients and also focus my energy on the work I am passionate about. I also believe that the "future of work" means we will have to rethink how we reward people as our economy shifts to people pursuing more creative endeavors. Instead of benefits accruing to who can acquire power (large companies) or build the largest platforms (e.g.Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple), it shifts attention to appreciating people who help us improve our lives at an individual level.

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