Figure out what is driving you

Everyone has heard the statistic from Gallup that 70% of people are not engaged at work. This information is sad — but not useful in understanding how I can actually increase my own engagement.

I’ve often been a fan of creating my own self-assessments to measure how well I am aligned with my own leadership principles — in becoming the type of person I want to become in the workplace. Feedback from colleagues is valuable — but often aligned with a company culture that mindlessely supports principles that may or may not make sense for any type of long-term career success.

So when I read Culture Amp’s professional services benchmark — I was impressed by the individual questions they used to measure employee engagement. I took their questions they asked in a broader company context and applied them to myself:

Now every quarter I assess my engagement levels against these 10 areas both for my immediate team and role in the broader company.

It helps me assess what is energizing me and more importantly, what is sapping my energy. I can then think about what I should o next to address it.

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